Tropico 4 - Utopia Challenge (Scenario 20)

  • Spoiler Alert

    This is it, the final scenario for the original (not DLC) version of Tropico 4. Utopia is quite a bit harder than the scenarios that came before it and this one is time-based which makes it so, so much harder. For starters, you only have until 2012 to complete this one. If you don't make it to the end before 2012 hits, you lose the scenario and it does not tell you about the time limit until it is potentially already far past 2012. So start thinking about this from the very beginning.

    There are lots of things that you can do, if you want in the game, and some things that you have to do. Keeping a close eye on the critical path is, well, critical!

    Here is my best attempt at figuring out the critical path that you must complete in order to pull off the scenario:

    • Get the Population to 100 or Higher
    • Have $50K in the treasury in five years!
    • Move minimum wage to 20
    • Get population to 300
    • .....
    • Have three things for three years (so 2009 is the latest to make this happen).... Social Security, Free Housing & Food for the People
    • Have these three things before 2012: Golden Statue, Nuclear Program and Christ the Savior Statue

    This is definitely a challenging scenario, significantly harder than the nineteen that precede it. Be prepared to slow down and manage things very carefully. You need a strong economy and you need it quickly to make this work.

    Because sugar is abundant around your starting point, consider a heavy early investment in sugar plantations and then investing in Rum Distillery(s) to leverage them.