Slush Fund Techniques in Tropico 4

  • Need some ideas for a scenario. Things that I know are good for generating the slush fund:

    • Mausoleum
    • Childhood Museum (but you can only have two)
    • Building Permits
    • Set a pyramid to sell relics
    • Set the Customs Office to go to the slush fund

    Any other ideas?

  • There is a bank mode called "Slush Fund" that siphons money from the treasury into the slush fund. Very useful. Requires a lot of bankers, though.

  • If you are playing the Tropico 4 scenario where you need to hand over $230,000 from your Swiss Bank Account in order to win, I found that I was able to use these techniques and pretty easily bypass any of the options presented by your enemies. Probably does not impact the outcome of the game in any way, but it was a spiritual victory, nonetheless.