Great Adventure Games for Young Kids

  • My kids are currently three and six. They love adventure games that tell stories and have puzzles for them to solve. Obviously I play with them to help them through the games, but games that they can play on their own and only ask when they need help are best. The six year old does the playing and the three year old is there for a "ride along" but really gets into the stories and tries to help with the puzzles.

    Here are some games that we have played that they have really enjoyed:

    • King's Quest 1 (the ADG remake with full audio and point/click)
    • Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris
    • Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods
    • Book of Unwritten Tales
    • Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles
    • Deponia
    • Night of the Rabbit, The

    Of these, the Ankh and Unwritten Tales series have been the best for small children. Pretty easy, funny and light hearted. Night of the Rabbit was harder but the story was great for them and they loved it. Deponia was the least appropriate. KQ1 was very good because of the remake. The original would be unplayable at their ages. That you can die in KQ1 makes it much harder than many of the more modern titles.

    The kids have also loved Space Quest. We've played the first five titles thus far. However as they are text based primarily and require typing and some pretty serious skills (especially SQ4) there is no way for them to play them on their own and instead they watch me play them and assist with the puzzles.