• Released in 2001, Tropico was somewhat of "another SimCity" but the great themeing and dictator ruling a banana republic twist and good execution made it a bit of a classic and a surprise hit. I was given this game as a present when it was new and I very much enjoyed it. The music and gameplay really made the game one of the best casual games that I have played.

    You play a Latin American island dictator in the 1950s and you are tasked with ruling your island however you see fit. You can align yourself with either Cold War Power, or neither. You can siphon away money for your own purposes or give back to your people. How you rule is your decision. City planning, politics, developing the economy - there is much to do as a dictator.

    A sequel was released in 2003 but had significantly modified gameplay and the series halted after its release. But five more years passed on in 2009 the series started up again with the release of Tropico 3, which effectively remade the original with a lot of updates, better graphics (3D now) and more to do. Tropico 4 came out in 2011 and in 2014 the multiplayer Tropico 5 released. The series went from stagnant to picking up steam.

    I recently picked up the Tropico Bundle on Steam which includes the first three titles, some updates and their DLC. Sadly I cannot get the original game to play on my current PC but Tropico 3 runs great.

    If you are looking for a fun, casual, interesting strategy game and city builder, check out Tropico. It's well made and very much a classic today.