Final Revelation

  • I am starting a new campaign from Pelgrane Press starting this Friday. It is using the Trail of Cthulhu rule set (Gumshoe) which is the spiritual successor to Chaosium's game Call of Cthulhu. Gumshoe is probably one of my favorite gaming systems right now in that it puts story and roleplaying above all else. My players all seem to enjoy it too which is always a bonus.

    This is a purist adventure, meaning it is much more investigation and mind rending terror and much less physical violence. It starts with the PCs having super natural or seemingly pre-cognative vision that they need to decipher. In order to do that they join a small group called the Friday Group which meets in a book store in London. The group is a lead-off to some adventures before they encounter "the big-bad". I think it should take ~5-6 sessions for this to complete. I am going to try and keep some notes so I can share them here.

    I've run a few Fear Itself games (also Gumshoe but a much more lightweight variant) and they have always been great fun. Two of my friends were afraid of their basement after the first game I ran... which means I did something right. Needless to say, I am very excited.

    Just thought I would post some more tabletop stuff. Any memorable games you have been part of? I am always looking for ideas.