Community Guidelines

  • is a place for gamers of all genres and platforms to ask questions and have fun. As an online community with vast ideas etc. we have a set of guidelines to guide us all. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please ask us via email:

    Please Go Ahead:
    • Join the conversation! We all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and even languages so please be patient.
    • Provide details when asking questions. Read your question before you post and ask yourself if someone else reading it would understand your question.
    • Disclose your relationship with any gaming companies in your profile.
    • This community is for gamers only. There will not be any religious or political discussions allowed.

    Things Not To Do:
    • Don't maliciously harass, abuse, or threaten other members for any reason. Doing so will result in being banned.
    • No political or religious discussion may turn into arguments. This is a Gaming community politics and religion are not necessary
    • Obscene or otherwise objectionable content may be deleted.
    • Don't post anything that violates the laws of your country.
    • Do not purposely post incorrect information
    • Spam makes it hard for all users therefore will be deleted
    • Don't spam users via Private Chat.

    But above all HAVE FUN!! But please report any possible issues you see and help us make the Community fun place to hang out.

    GroveSocial reserves the right to moderate or delete any thread/post at any time without notification to community users.

  • I like the Community rules :)

  • @Minion-Queen said:

    Do not don't purposely post incorrect information

    Do not don't purposely post incorrect information?? :P

  • Editing fail.

  • Are we allowed talk about Gamergate? :)

  • @tolstoshev xD What good is a community if you can't laugh about the other communities that the internet has cannibalized?

  • Ok edited:

    Picking on other communities is allowed.