• In 1985 ICOM made a game series called the Macventures. It ended up making one game per year for four years. The games were pretty good and all but the last one became classics. I wrote about the first one yesterday but just today discovered that the third title had just been rereleased by the original team a few months ago so wanted to talk about them a little bit.

    These were pretty ground breaking point and click adventure game titles. Rather different than anything that had been available previously and all were quite well written. They all were designed for the Apple Mac (the original) but were available across many platforms.

    The four games in the series were:

    • Deja Vu (1985)
    • Uninvited (1986)
    • Shadowgate (1987)
    • Deja Vu 2 (1988)

    The first and fourth titles were 1940s gangster adventure mysteries. Quite entertaining. The second was a paranormal mystery, very creepy and perfect to talk about today as it is Halloween today. And the third was a dark fantasy adventure.

  • Shadowgate managed to spawn a life of its own separate from the other titles. Deja Vu, even though it was the original and the only title to get a sequel, pretty much vanished and its sequel did not do so well. Uninvited was probably the least well known although possibly the best written. But Shadowgate managed to get a following, was recreated on several platforms and even had some non-Macventure sequels made on platforms like the Nintendo 64.

    Shadowgate, the original, was just several weeks ago released as a completely reinvented title that is available on GOG.