Literary Gaming

  • Anyone here have an interesting in literary gaming or "gaming as literature?" This is an area of real interest for me and I have read several books on it and think about it often. I'm a big believe in video games as the modern storytelling medium joining oral tradition, books, plays, cinema, television, etc. as a leading form of expression. I see video games as an intriguing form of interactive storytelling or fiction that allows us to explore ourselves and engage the material like no medium has previously allowed.

    I see video games as being the literature of our age. The ability to engage in story crafting is unparalleled in other literary forms. And video games contain all others potentially. I think that the art is only just beginning to be viewed in this way and the exploration of storytelling is just beginning. It will be very exciting to see how video game storytelling evolves in the future. Just in the past few years the appearance of new, primarily indie, games that tell short, poignant stories are appearing and taking on new forms that were very hard to predict not long ago.

  • Good point. I agree.

  • This is the one reason I care so much about emulation. As old hardware starts to fail and degrade, we are increasingly at risk of losing old software. We have libraries and museums to preserve other forms of literature and art, but emulation is often treated with contempt.

    Software is more than just the static words on the page of a book, or the moving images of film. It captures a living piece of the way its designers and programmers think. Imagine how much we could learn from 1000-year-old software.

  • @AndyW that's a really excellent point. The importance of emulation goes way up as games because more and more an important part of our literary tradition and social consciousness. We need ways to preserve them. Every kid should be able to grow up with the old classics that we all know and love.

  • To the Moon was a piece of art. Not much game to it, but the story was amazing. Better than many books I've read by far - it wasn't just a lame "Gone Home" twist ending. It really made you think deeply about the human condition.

  • I'd love to see more authors cross over into the gaming world. Having someone like Brandon Sanderson write for a single player RPG would be absolutely amazing.

  • The Telltale games have done a fantastic job bridging the literary gap (at least in my opinion) they really turn games into an interactive graphic novel, which may sound boring but over all it makes the game more intriguing and immersive.

    The Wolf Among Us is particularly well done.

  • @coliver The Walking Dead series was fantastically well done as well. VERY much looking forward to the Borderlands Spinoff that Telltale is doing, Tales From The Borderlands.