If You Have Never Played King's Quest

  • It is one of the most classic of all video games. In 1984 Roberta Williams at Sierra Online created the first mainstream graphical adventure game (she had made Mystery House and a sequal previously but they were far from mainstream and very far from a modern game - they were at best demos of what KQ would be) and defined a new genre that remains big today. The graphical adventure era was born.

    The original King's Quest Trilogy (installments 1-3) were all very similar and built on the same technology. They were ancient even by the late 1980s and required a mixture of graphical and mostly text input. Very old school. But they worked and they were fun. They were available on nearly every platform at the time and have remained available almost continuously since their original release.

    For just a few dollars, you can buy the first three games together on GOG. But the original releases really show their age today. There is no getting around that.

    A few years ago, a group known as the Anonymous Game Developers remade the first three titles with all modern graphics, a modern point and click interface, new music, voice acting, improved puzzles, bug fixes, etc. The remakes tell the original story but in a vastly better way. If you want to experience the series but don't want to go back to 1984 era software, check them out. The remakes are completely free and incredibly well done.

    AGD's King's Quest I
    AGD's King's Quest II
    AGD's King's Quest III