How Long is Your Wishlist?

  • I try to keep mine to a reasonable size. I own around 150 games so I'm not short of things to play when I get the time to do so, but I keep a bit of a wishlist too so that when there is a sale, I know what to buy.

    I have thirteen games on my wishlist currently. That seems like a pretty good size.

  • I have not found a ton of compelling games lately. I do most of m purchases on Steam lately on PC, but a lot of the games I am playing are free to play lately.

  • It's hard to know what to recommend not knowing what you have played. Have you played KotOR, Mass Effect, Fable, Dragon Age, etc.? What about Morrowind, I know that you loved Oblivion.

  • My wishlist contains 49 games. I don't really have time for them, though, as I have many games in my library still untouched.

  • Yeah - loved Oblivion and Dragon Born on PS3. I purchased Dragon Born on PC, but I have not downloaded it yet. It was too good a deal to pass up on Steam. At the time I needed to upgrade my video card which is at 2 GB now, but I need new hard drives now too because of space. I am debating upgrading the whole PC system too. I still love PC games the most. I find myself playing TF2 for the quick pickup games, Robocraft, Planetside 2, and War Thunder. I have heard that World of Warplandes and tanks beats it hands down though, so I will have to check that out. I do like the WW2 and WW1 games better than the push button of a lot of modern combat games. I used to play the Battlefield series until I got sick of EA beta testing on the public as patch releases. Out of those I liked Battlefield 1942 the best. Vietnam was fun too. I played lots of BF2 until they kept breaking it. I got tired of the game telling me I had invalid keys. Tried giving them another chance on 2142 until they kept breaking that too,

  • Oblivion was great. But it is generally considered to be the backrunner of the trilogy. Morrowind and Skyrim are considered the better titles.

  • @ScottAlanMiller I almost have no games on my wishlist at the moment, and I don't think any of them are on steam. Lol the last game that I bought on steam was goat simulator lmao. (hilarious little game where you parade as a goat that can attack people, ride bikes, jump on trampolines and cause mayhem and panic).

    <3 Morrowind :) Still have a copy around here somewhere.

  • Mine is 83 - you don't get to 500+ games having a short wishlist :)

  • @Slicer316 said:

    <3 Morrowind :) Still have a copy around here somewhere.

    It was you who got me into Elder Scrolls!

  • @ScottAlanMiller Oblivion is the backrunner? That's sad if that's so, I found it to be the most enjoyable. Skyrim is awesome, and as long as you're willing to mod, it's still surpassing brand new games in every aspect, but Oblivion was less buggy, and had more to do.

  • I liked Oblivion a lot, but it has lost its place, for better or worse, in the minds of Elder Scrolls players. It was neither first nor is it current. It wasn't the biggest. Being the middle child is always hard. Except for Star Wars V, the middle child rarely comes out on top in popularity. Even though it was Oblivion that really took the franchise mainstream.

  • I too had trouble getting into Oblivion, but had a blast with Skyrim. At some point I'll go back and revisit the prior games (probably when I'm old and retired and have the time for it :)

  • To answer the OP, mine is about 17 games long. There are a few in there that I want to play, but more of them I just want to own a Steam copy of since I'd played borrowed copies of them before.

  • @tolstoshev said:

    I too had trouble getting into Oblivion, but had a blast with Skyrim. At some point I'll go back and revisit the prior games (probably when I'm old and retired and have the time for it :)

    Oblivion takes a little bit to warm up to. It's quite good, though, once you are rolling with it.

  • 11 with the Infinity Engine games topping the list.


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