Testing Out Themes

  • Sorry for any inconvenience. As the site is still in beta (or alpha, perhaps) we are doing a lot of live testing and things are going to be changing a bit. We've had some complaints that the current look and feel is a bit too high in contrast for people to handle. We will likely be seeing a lot of theme changes over the coming days. Any feedback you can provide is good, although if it is not in real time it might be difficult to correlate with a specific theme change.

    We have an idea of where we may be ending up, but we don't want to make something that isn't what you are interested in either. So please speak up when you like something, when you don't, etc. Thanks!

    And welcome to Gamrhaus! We are really excited that so many people are here already helping us get this off of the ground.

  • It's the orange font against the grey that I can't really see. It's making me dizzy. For example, "Home / Forum Announcements" at the top of this page is what I can't read without eye strain.

  • If you could leave it orange, but just not any words, that would have worked.

  • The first skin that we were testing out was Superhero. It's a nice colour scheme but a bit drastic. This is Darkly that we are testing now.

  • Oh, the new one is nice. Very easy to read. I like it a lot.

  • Yeah, I can read this one.