Review: Blue Toad Murder Files - The Mysteries of Little Riddle

  • Relentless Software's Blue Toad Murder Files is one of those rare finds in video gaming: a game that is quirky, fun, family friendly, and really surprises you. We tested this game as a family playing it together, and it was perfect for a fun family game night. BTMF is like getting to play as the lead character in one of those dry, quirky British murder mystery shows. It's small town England with quirky local characters, everyone is having afternoon tea and someone has been murdered. You are up from London and have to crack the case.

    Blue Toad Murder Files

    BTMF has older, but serviceable graphics and good voice acting. It's enough to really get you into the story and the characters. The whole game is extremely tongue in cheek and doesn't take itself too seriously, at all. The game is split into episodes which are ideal for playing for an hour or two and saving the rest for another night; not unlike watching some BBC reruns.

    The story services as a vehicle for some generally simplistic puzzles that are mostly fun, although once in a while they are nonsensical and frustrating. Overall, though, they are fun. And you don't really get stuck in the game; you get to keep moving forward.

    Overall, we found this game to be a huge family hit. Fun for everyone in the family. And I must say that BTMF ranks as one of the games that I am most looking to see a sequel made of. Of course, no word from Relentless on if there will be a sequel and it has now been seven years since the original game was released. Little Riddle was such a great location, we all want to know more of what became of the quiet little English village and its crazy inhabitants.


    Blue Toad Murder Mystery Files on Steam