Review: Nancy Drew Shadow at the Water's Edge

  • Shadow at the Water's Edge is the 23rd mainline title in Her Interactive's Nancy Drew series. Produced in 2010, this time Nancy and friends are off to Kyoto, Japan where Nancy is going to be teaching English for the season (she had quite the busy year the year that she was eighteen) and is staying in a traditional ryokan which turns out to be haunted and all of the other guests are sent running for the hills. Will Nancy stay and investigate the ghost?

    The game plays well but looks ridiculously dated for a game made in 2010. It cannot use the full screen resolution and looks pretty blurry. The art style is not too bad and the writing and acting is pretty good. But you really feel like you are playing a game that is nearly ten years older than it is, and not a top end game from 2000, either.

    Overall the story is good and very entertaining and as a fan of the style of puzzles used heavily in this game, like sudoku and nonograms, I had a lot of fun doing the puzzles as well. There was an issue of balance, which is often the case, leaving my eight year old able to do the simple sudoku, nonogram and bento puzzles on her own but when the big puzzles came, they were completely out of her range. So the small ones did not build her up to the challenging ones.

    This is definitely one of the creepier and scarier Nancy Drew titles, so be prepared for several jump scares and a few places to die. But the creepy factor adds to the intensity, too. Smaller children might find this one a little too intense.

    For us, it's family game night time with everyone snuggled on the couch wrapped in blankets so things are a lot less scary. Definitely a recommended Nancy Drew title.