Review: Nancy Drew The Captive Curse

  • The 24th Nancy Drew main series title, from 2011, brings Nancy to storybook Germany with a scary castle, a dark woods, a fairy tale monster, and quirky characters up to no good. The story is well told and this entry in the long running Nancy Drew series features noticeably improved graphics but runs on the same engine as its predecessors.

    The story is engaging and the characters work well. Not as intense or scary as #23 Shadow by the Water's Edge. Overall the story is well told and is entertaining. Slightly more predictable than some titles with my eight year old solidly guessing the bad guy well ahead of the ending, the game is spooky enough to put young kids on edge, but to just the right level.

    The puzzles are not too bad and mostly make sense within the context of the game. Unlike some Nancy Drew titles, the tedious errand running is kept very low. In keeping with the attempts at regionally themed mini-games, The Captive Curse includes two German traditional style board games inside of the game which can be fun to play.

    Overall a few fun entry in the series and a solid adventure game that tells a good story in an interesting setting.