NVidia Shield TV

  • Picked up one of these a month ago and have been using it for some light gaming duty. So far it is pretty interesting. The controller works great. The unit has a surprising amount of power and can run some older games, like the Grand Theft Auto 3 family of games extremely well. For a sub $200 gaming console and entertainment unit it is very capable. The lineup of available games is rather limited currently and it would be great to see that expanded significantly as there are so many older titles that could work just perfectly on the Shield TV, I would be very happy to use the Shield for the majority of my older, less intensive games.

  • I've been collecting games slowly on the platform. Sadly, many games that are listed by the Google Play store as being compatible are not at all :(

  • We've decided to shelve the Shield. We still like it, and it works great. But we travel full time and it just proved to be too large and cumbersome for our travels. We will set it up in one of our homes when we get a chance and I'm sure that it will be used from time to time. The lack of regularly releasing games for it and the high cost of the games that do exist for it have made it hard to use for very much gaming. I am awaiting Jade Empire to have a sale and that will be a great game on there. I'd be thrilled if KOTOR2 would release for it, that would really be perfect.