Review: Hexcells

  • It has been a long time since I sat down with a puzzle game and got totally addicted but Hexcells proved to be fun, addicting, solvable and totally fun. You could compare it to an elegant, non-guessing Minesweeper but that does not give the game credit at all. Hexcells is so much more challenging and meaningful while being simplistic and minimalist.

    Hexcells is video game puzzles at its finest. The puzzles start out easy and ramp up as you learn new techniques. The graphics, while incredibly simple, are attractive and do not detract at all from the puzzle, even the music is good. Unlike games like Minesweeper, Hexcells is not timed - or not timed exactly. When you complete a puzzle the time spent on it is displayed discretely on your information screen. But nothing encourages you to rush.

    Available on Steam, I cannot recommend Hexcells by Matthew Brown enough. For a few dollars it is one of the best puzzle game investments you can possible make.